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Transform Hoodie - with Orange Hi-Vis

$90.00 NZD

Cord Colour

Hoodie,[pocketless] with Basic HI-Vis print on the front and back. Design measures 35cm wide.
The NZFOA number is in the left-hand corner of the design and the HVT-[Hi-Vis Trends] small logo on the right hand side in the design. 
It is durable and guaranteed hard wearing. 
There is also additional room for your logo on the front and back. 

[Large orders may take up to 3 weeks, ask for a quote today] 

60% Cotton, 40% Polyester 
Durable and Hard Wearing 
NZ Maori Designed Hi-Vis-Front + Back 
NZFOA Approved- NZ Safety approved

 Male Model is in size Medium and female model is in size Small.

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