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Maori Men's Collared Polo Yellow [Hi-Vis]

$97.49 NZD


Collared Top - Polo, with NZ Maori Designed HI-Vis print on the front and back. 

Maori Design measure 37cm wide.
The NZFOA number is in the left-hand corner of the design and the HVT-[Hi-Vis Trends] small logo on the right hand side in the design. 
It is durable and guaranteed hard wearing. 
There is also additional room for your logo on the front and back. 
Stock is ready and available. 
[Large orders may take up to 3 weeks] 

100% Cotton 
Durable and Hard Wearing 
NZ Maori Designed Hi-Vis-Front + Back 
NZFOA Approved

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